Advertising Steam Games

Advertise Steam games on the biggest gaming websites and let players know about your game. Online advertising Steam games on websites, also known as branding, is a great way to increase awareness and the number of players that play your game

Free Advertising Proposal from GMI

When should Advertising Begin?
The more people that know your game the better, if your budget is limited then save this spend until the later stages, see our information about branding at Direct, Early Access and Launch.

Step One – Targeting 
Tell us the following information about your game: Target audience in terms of age/gender/location/interest, type of game you made. As well as launch date and budgets for branding.There is no right or wrong answers for these questions and we will assist you in developing each one of them so they fit for your game and for the market.

Step Two – Proposal
GMI will look into your needs and discuss potential opportunities with our contacts at games websites. We will provide you with a custom proposal so that you can get the most amount of new players.

Step Three – Discussion
We discuss the plan with you and amend based on your needs. We are flexible enough to change dates and targeting as you game develops and as we start testing different sites.

Step Four
We manage all stages of delivery from ensuring the advertising creative is powerful and will generate players, to distribution of assets and managing sites to ensure placements are fulfilled right through to reporting on your campaign which can be in real time as well as via custom weekly and final reports.