We provide native speakers to write, edit and proof read content. The content can be game pages, press releases, social media pages and boilerplates.


Why do I need a copywriter? Your press releases must be written in english, preferably by a native and someone who writes for a living. Using a copywriter will ensure more people engage with the information you provide them.

Step One – Creating a plan  Tell us about your game, target audience, subjects of content to be created as well as the spokesperson in your company who can provide quotes to be used in content. Ideally you would also provide us with your Marketing Strategy

Step Two – First Draft
With the information you provided us in Step One we create the first draft, we will send this to you for discussion and look at tone, message, content and engagement to ensure it is on message and will engage players and journalists. 

Step Three – Amending We will create the first draft of a release to discuss with you, our process is that a draft will go through 2-3 rounds of amends before being approved by you. We always send our content to an external proof reader for a final check.  

Step Four – Approval
Once final approval has been given you can distribute the content or use our PR services.