FAQ’s of Steam Game Marketing


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Phrase Details Explained
GMI Games Marketing.info An easy one to start with
KPI Key Performance Indicator The most important data you should be analysing to judge how well your game is performing
Metric A piece of information or data
Marketing The activity of promoting your game to your audience
Advertising The promotion of your game
CRM Customer Relationship Management/Marketing In this context we are refering to how you manage your players after they have registered
New Players The players that register/install your game for the first time
Greenlight Steam Greenlight The previous name for the stage when seeking approval from the Steam Community to launch your game on the platform. Now they use Steam Direct
Direct Steam Direct The name of the Steam service to launch a new game, has been in operation since June 2017
SEA Steam Early Access When developing your game prior to launch where a limited number of players can play
Launch When your game is live on Steam for everyone to play
Churn The players that stop playing your game
PR Public Relations The act of communicating with the media and players via planned messages

FAQ’s per GMI Service.

Question Explanation Example
What should the Press Release look like? Generally there should be a clear information provided that explains your game, what is news and shows why your game is great 
Which are the best websites to target? All coverage is good coverage however you should focus on websites that cover similar games to your title
How can I make sure journalists cover my game? There is no exact science but ensuring the content is new, newsworthy, relevant to their audience and exciting will give you the best chance of success
How do I measure success? PR success should be measured based on websites that cover your game, number of clicks generated and new players generated. Ask GMI how to track this
How long do I have to send all paid for Press Releases? If you purchase 5+ press releases you have 18 Months to send them from the date of purchase

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Question Explanation Example
How much do I need to spend to be top of the Steam Charts? There is no right answer to this, some games spend millions and others spend $0
What should the Advertising Creative look like? For Steam pages look at other pages. For Ad banners go to a site like http://www.mmorpg.com and look at the ads there (disable your ad blocker)
Which are the best websites to advertise on? The best are the ones that bring the most players like mmohuts and mmorpg but they are also the most expensive. Facebook or Google advertising could be much cheaper but new players are less of a guaranteed. The best plan is to have a marketing mix
How am I buying traffic (CPM/CPC/CPA)? This depends on you and where you advertise. Many sites allow fixed rate or CPC advertising while ad platforms like Facebook are CPM or CPC
How do I measure success? The final KPI is the amount of money you make per ad campaign, If we start at the beginning though you will first look at the eCPC, then the eCPA (that is the effective cost per new player), following that we will look at the eCPD which is the effective cost per players that spend money.
 Can steam track new players? Yes, they have their own tracking system and also connect with Google Analytics.

Marketing Strategy
Question Explanation Example
Question Explanation Example