Strategy Creation

Do you want to increase the number of players to your game via Marketing activities? In this case you will need a marketing strategy creation.

What is included in a Steam Marketing Strategy Creation? GMI provide overall marketing strategies and/or a unique strategy that include PR, Copywriting, Branding, CRM, Social Media Presence, Steam Page Optimization.


Step One – Creating a plan  Tell us about your game and why it is unique, target audience, timeline, company objectives and about your organisation. We will then work on what makes your game unique and investigate your chances of success.

Step Two – Discussion
We will research the information you provide to build an idea of your game and competitors, we will then initiate a discussion with you to brainstorm different ideas and plans for your game. 

Step Three – Proposal  We will suggest three different ideas to discuss and develop, once you have chosen your favourite we will develop that plan to ensure it meets your needs and has the best chance of bringing your game success.

Step Four – Strategy Document
We will provide you with a step-by-step document for you to use for all stages of your game to assist with marketing.

Step Five – Adapting Your Plan
As your game continues to develop your plan should change to, we will revisit your plan with you each three months to ensure it is still relevant to your game and the market.