Marketing Strategy Tips

What are the Marketing Strategy Tips?

Do you want to increase the number of players to your game via Marketing activities? In this case you will need a marketing strategy to plan out how you will bring the players. A strategy starts big with overall goals, target audience, message and budget. It is then broken down by marketing channel into a timed campaign.


Any Strategy you create should be unique to you and depend on your goals, generally it will include PR, Copywriting, Advertising, CRM, Social Media Presence, Steam Page Optimization. A strategy leads to a plan, as all plans change based on external and internal factors it is important to have a strategy to relate back to to ensure changes are right for your game.
Step One – Understanding Your Own Game
Write down the key factors about your game and why it is unique, target audience, timeline, company objectives and about your organisation.


Step Two – Competitor Analysis/ Market Insight
Create a competitor analysis document and market insight. Once you have the information from 

Step 1&2 you have the basics to start a brainstorm within your team and start to define what is important to you about your game to create your positioning and market differentiation.

Step Three – Value Proposition
You are now ready to create one paragraph that incorporates the most important aspects of your game and explains what you are going to provide to your players.

Step Four – Strategy Document
Only once you have the above can you start to plan out how your strategy will formulate, the reason it has taken until step four is

 because a strategy is unique and includes where to promote your game as well as what the promotion should look like. In this stage you should engage your designers to come up with a brand presence while you investigate PR, Advertising, CRM, Social Media and Steam Page Optimization.

Step Five – Developing your creative framework
Working with your designers you should spend time to develop advertising creative. The creative does not have to look exactly like the game but must fit with your value proposition and consider all of the points from above. You should also invite a english native copywriter to provide straplines, intro text, CTA’s and key messages to promote your game.

Step Six – Put your timeline together
With the investigation you completed at stage four you are now ready to draft the first plan of how and where you want to spend your time and money on marketing. This plan will have many alterations so at first start with rough dates, spend amounts and time allocation by internal resource. What is most important is to have a ROI target for each marketing activity and decide if this fits within your commercial plan.


Strategy Creation FAQ’s
Why do I need a strategy?
What will the documents look like?
How long does it take?
How do we communicate?
Can I change the strategy if I don’t like it?