We offer PR services to all Game Developers. We provide a comprehensive service from content creation to sending, following up and reporting. The benefit of using our service is that you save time having to go out and communicate with the developers while also benefiting from our 5+ years of experience in communicating with journalists and creating engaging articles. Simply choose which part of the PR process you would like assistance with and we will do the rest.

Step One – Content Creation Provide us with the Press Release you want to send and the date you want to send it. If you need support in creating your press release visit our Copy Writing services section.
Ensure the copy contains unique information and explains why your game is good. Avoid buzz words and cliches, journalists read a lot of Press Releases and just want to know what is good/new about your game so they can cover it.
Who are you writing your press release to? The journalists are also gamers and like your genre of your game, don’t be afraid to get nerdy and detailed when explaining the uniqueness of your game.


Step Two – Send
We will send your press release to 200+ game Journalists who work for websites from mmorpg and mmobomb to IGN and IndieDB. Our email list has been obtained by reaching out to the top gaming websites and obtaining their preferred contact address as well as their preferences on communication. Additionally, we send your release to 100+ Influencers who may choose to cover your game on their social channel.


Step Three – Articles If your Press Release is of interest to journalists they will look at your game and write an article about your game. They may ask questions before publishing so ensure you have a contact email address on your press release. We will correlate all replies we receive and send them to you for feedback.

Step Four – Reporting
GMI will provide you with a report highlighting which sites have covered your game as well as links to those articles so you can measure success.

Send us your press release to get started

Example Report Summary 
Full report also includes a link to each website that publishes your article.

Date RangeApril - May 2018
Websites Reached130
Total Clicks120,324
Results35 Sites Published Articles
Release NameEarly Access
Distribution200 websites