Tracking KPI’s for Free to Play Games

When analysing players in your game there are a few Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) to use, this page explains each one. The below relates to free to play games.


Average Revenue Per Daily Active User.
When you divide your revenue by total subscribers the result will be the ARPDAU.So not only paying users are included.

This will show you how much revenue is generated per install of your game, the more installs the more revenue!


2. DAU

Daily Active Users.

This means how many unique users have installed your game on a daily basis.
Giving you a good insight in how popular the game is but also if marketing strategies have an impact on the game.


3. Retention

An install is good, but the best player is a player who stays.
Retention means just that. Is a player still playing the game the day after installation, 7 days? or after 30 days?

When this number is low something is probably keeping the player from returning and change is needed.


4. Conversion rate

How many users actually produce ingame payments?
To answer that question we have calculated the conversion rate.

Giving the following formula:

Conversion rate = Number of paying users/Daily active users *100

If you have a high DAU but a low conversion rate something in the game is not triggering the player to actually make ingame purchases.


5. Daily Revenue

How much money does your app  generate on a daily basis?
This is calculated by in-app purchases and displayed in US Dollar $.


6. Daily Players

How many users install the game on a daily basis.
First of all users have to install your game, by looking at this graph you can see how many users are initially interested in your game.
Got a new image or video? This is the perfect way to evaluate the effect it has on potential users.